Broadband Service Installation & Activation


Whether you’re in the market for a new Service Provider and considering FiberCast or you’ve already shopped around and made your choice, the next step is clear: ordering your service and installing it.

We’ll walk you through the process of different installation options. You’ll get a clear picture of what to expect when it’s time to get down to business.

We’ll also talk about equipment and whether you’re better off renting from FiberCast or buying your own.


  • Standard Installation

This is the most basic service activation at your home or business where your service will be delivered up to 125 feet of wiring from the main line utility pole to the demarcation point of your building. Demarcation location is defined as where the utility services are terminated before the in-building wires begin. FiberCast technicians will install new wiring and/or verify acceptable signal levels at the demarcation point. Please note that installation service does not cover in-building wiring like any other utility service.

  • Extended Installation

If your building is beyond 125 feet from the main line utility poles but requires less than 300 feet of wiring, extended installation will be required. This service is meant to extend your service wiring to the demarcation point. If we need to wire beyond 300 feet, you will be provided estimated footage and cost.

  • Building Wiring (primarily for Internet service but also applies for Coax TV and Phone)

If your building is not network ready (CAT5E or better network wiring), FiberCast can install proper network wiring for you at additional cost. This service is based on time and materials needed and you will be provided an estimated cost and final charge will be based on hourly rate.

However there are alternate technologies that exist to distribute data service within the building. “Power Line” devices can use electric outlets to extend Ethernet data and can be paired with WiFi access points or extenders. If you like would to purchase power line extenders (we usually have them for sale), please make sure to shop for AV1000 of better ones.

WiFi access devices are great addition to your service experience when placed within the same room as your access devices (laptop, tablet, smart phones, etc.) as the higher signal quality will give you faster and better Internet. It is important to remember WiFi signal has a hard time passing through walls, concrete, metal, wood, water tanks, etc. We have more publications on this subject, please inquire.


Equipment Options

FiberCast provides a modem/router rental option for the Internet service. A Cable Modem rental option is available for coax provided services and an Optical Network Terminator (ONT) is used for fiber based services. Both devices offer a simple 2.4Ghz WiFi access point built for in-room use, however this device’s primary function is to convert coax or fiber to common Ethernet for customers to connect their in-home network to the Internet, therefore purchasing a more powerful WiFi access device is strongly suggested.

Customers can also purchase the modem or the ONT. For fiber based services, we have non-WiFi, standard 2.4Ghz wifi, Dual-Band ONTs, along with WiFi extenters/access points, power line adapters, and network cables available for purchase.


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