Who needs slow and unreliable Internet? You won’t get that with FiberCast. Fiber-optic technology allows FiberCast to deliver the dependable, fast connection you need. Plus, the network delivers great clarity in picture and sound with Fiber TV.

FiberCast has a suite of services that runs over fiber-optic cables, available in bundles or standalone plans. Fiber-optic Internet is capable of delivering faster speeds, transmitting more data, and performing with more consistency than any other Internet technology.

What is Fiber Internet?

Our network is built on a 100% fiber-optic network. Fiber-optic cables are made of pure glass and transmit data with light. Fiber-optic technology is faster than any other delivery method (DSL, Wireless, etc.), can handle larger amounts of data, and isn’t affected nearly as much by attenuation, noise, rain/snow — the process by which a signal degrades the farther it travels. Fiber based Internet is the only technology today that can provide Full 4K TV streaming.

What is Broadband?

BROADBAND is the common term for a very fast connection to the Internet. It allows users to download online entertainment such as video clips and music, listen to digital radio, send e-mail faster and speeds up everything they do online.

A broadband service can transmit information at up to 762 times the speed of a dial-up modem connection (based on 25Mbps true Broadband speeds vs. 33.6K modem connection). As the connection is always on, like water or electricity, users don't need to dial up every time they want to log on.

in 2015, the Federal Communications Commission voted to boost the definition of broadband from 4Mbps downstream/1Mbps upstream to 25Mbps/3Mbps. The definition affects policy decisions and the FCC's annual assessment of whether broadband is being deployed to all Americans quickly enough. FiberCast is proud to be the only provider in Northern NH and offer 4 times the true Broadband speeds that can exceed the FCC definition of Broadband.

Broadband Coverage Map

This map is updated frequently as we make more areas available with fiber-optic delivery of services. Please check back often.

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