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Cable TV Technician

This position is responsible for all aspects of installation and maintenance of equipment within a cable television system and headend. Required to optimize incoming video signals from wide variety of sources and process for redistribution to cable systems. Reception and distribution mechanisms include; satellite, off-air antenna, microwave, coaxial cable, and fiber.

Responsible for performing routine troubleshooting, surveys, locates, outage repair, on-call duty, shift work, track/repair CLI, power supply maintenance, and cable plant construction maintenance in accordance with the company procedures and practices. Will be called upon to troubleshoot and resolve service failures related to any company products, to include but not be limited to Video (analog and digital), Voice and High Speed Data.

Full or part-time multiple positions available. Prior experience is a plus but not required as long as the candidate has understanding of cabling.

Please send your resume to jobs @ or call Marc at 603-331-0000

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