• How can I set my modem in bridge mode?

    Bridge mode in our network termination devices are only available for Asymmetrical Internet services (Docsis Internet).

    All other services that have symmetrical (up and downstream speeds are the same) or fiber based services (except Enterprise Internet) do NOT have the option of being in bridge mode and NAT is the only option for those modems/NTDs. This is not a technical limitation but rather service policy in order to increase security on our residential and small business network.

    If you have our symmetrical Internet service, we can set your modem to allow 1-to-1 NAT in DMZ setup where you will be able to access your internal network from the global Internet. Please bear in mind that this is a security risk both for you and our network. If you like this is setup on your modem, please contact us and we can make the necessary changes which usually will take 7-10 days.


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