• Can I share my service/s?

    Multiple use of account is prohibited and considered as theft of services.

    Only devices physically located in your residence and your family members who permanently reside in your household may receive the Service under a single billing account.

    Your “household” is limited to the single address where you reside and where the Service is installed, and does not include adjacent apartments, residences, offices or any type of space not physically associated with such address and serviced by a single electric meter by the power company.

    Any use of the Service other than as specified above is unlawful and unauthorized and a material breach of the Fibercast Terms & Agreement, regardless of whether you receive any compensation for such use, and may result in the immediate termination of the Service and when available the imposition of the Termination Fee and/or any other applicable termination fee and/or all promo discounts, without prejudice to any rights and remedies available to FiberCast under this Agreement, at law and at equity.

Keep your service to yourself

Never grant access to your service to anyone other than those authorized. No matter what the circumstances may be in your defense, you are responsible for any and all activity conducted using your service, and you as the account holder, will be held responsible if your account is employed for nefarious or illegal activity.

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